morocco souks

You only got five camels for your sister!

I went on holiday to Morocco end of October 2013, we went round the Souks at night and during the day.

We went one night and the place was alive, there was food, snake charmers chasing people with snakes if they didn’t pay them when they were watching, men with monkeys, women doing henna and there were horse and carriages or over there they are called Kaleshes (think that is how you spell it).

Going around the food stalls the men were constantly pestering me, my sister and my mum; we came to one food stall where there were two chaps who took a liking to my sister, one of them said ‘how much?! How much?! I will give 2 camels for her’ the other chap turned round and said ‘I will give you ladies 5 camels for her’ the other chap turned and said to his friend ‘I will take her, I don’t think you can handle her’ then they started off in an argument in their language, pushing each other, then other stall owners came running over to break it up.

Our tour guide from Thomson said ‘the zebra crossings are for decoration and the lights are for lumination’ he was certainly right. When we went on the Kaleshes on my birthday night, I have never been so scared in my life on the roads. People were coming are you from all directions on the road, buses going full speed and never even heard of breaks, 4 people on little 50cc motorbikes, two sat on the seat and nine times out of ten the kids where sat between whoever was controlling the bike and the handle bars and the other sat on the persons lap behind the rider. These horses where so calm though they didn’t have a care in the world and walk straight out, honestly I think we are lucky to be alive today.

We went to the Souks on the last day before we went home; I was after a few leather handbags for back home and a weekend bag, all the bags were made from goat or camel leather; I still have the smell of the bag shops to this day. Anyway we found an amazing bag store, it didn’t look very big but you went it was like Aladdin’s cave it just kept going back; if there wasn’t a weight limit on the luggage I would of brought the whole stall. We went in and the stall owner came over and was speaking every language he knew until we said we were Brits. It was almost a sign of relief for him then he put his Brummy accent on; he was saying how much he missed fish and chips and he is counting down the days till Christmas to go home and have his turkey. He was a good laugh. I ended up buying 3 bags and my mum and sister had one each which cost us a total of 1750 dirhams which in £’s is around £250 when we went. He looked at us and said ‘almost as cheap as Asda!’


One thought on “You only got five camels for your sister!

  1. Snake Charmers chasing people with snakes if they didn’t pay? WHOA!!

    lol… This is quite a rendition of your trip, 5 camels is really not a great offer BTW…



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