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Is business networking about Quality of Quantity?

In all the years you’ve been networking does the QUALITY of the business networking shine through or does QUANTITY win the day? How about a bit of both?

If your target market is micro businesses then attending free networking event where many of the same faces turn up week in week out is probably a great way to network. People will do business with those they know, like & trust… so meeting regular is a great way to build those relationships.

If you’re looking for business owners of SME’s turning over £500,000+ and corporate executives with budgets to spend with amazingly gifted & talented people like yourself then you might need to step it up a gear…

How about “The Prince Philip Trust Raceday” at Ascot Wednesday, 30th April?

The Trustees, in association with the Rotary Club of Windsor & Eton, are planning an event at Ascot Racecourse comprising a Champagne Reception, 3 Course Lunch including wine, Racing and Afternoon Tea with free car parking, entry and Racecard. The organising committee hopes very much that a member of the Royal Family will attend.

When my mum met the Duke of Edinburgh at our last Rotary event at Windsor Castle, she dined out on it for months 😉

Have you got some top clients who’d like to be “Royally” entertained? Well here’s your chance and the price is a much more favourable £125 per head, as opposed to those charged for Royal Ascot!

Think of it like this… “Purchase a few tickets this year and reduce next year’s tax burden!” which might not be correct as I’m no accountant but hey, you could bump into that BIG client for 2014 you’ve been dreaming about meeting… worst case scenario… you drink too much champagne, lose a few quid and have a blinking good story for your next social event 😉

I’d like to organise a table or two, already 20 tables have been booked and they’d like 30 or so…

If you’re up for this then please complete the form below with an indication of numbers… no need to be too accurate at this stage… just that you’re interested and might ask a few friends or clients…

Thank you.


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