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While we wait for Sochi stories, enjoy @traveldudes St Anton experience

On and Off Piste in St Anton – One of the Best Ski Resorts Worldwide

This story is put together by Melvin @traveldudes to get us in the mood for snow… this guy just travels around writing blogs and having oddles of fun… how jealous are we 😉

“St Anton in Austria is one of the best ski resorts you will find in the world.”

There are many ski resorts worldwide and I’m far away to be able to give a quote like above myself, as I’ve seen only a few in Europe.

But I’ve met 3 ski journalists who has been around the world skiing for many years and they have seen hundreds of ski resorts.

I had a fabulous chat with them and the question came up, if St Anton is the best ski resort or not. Our debate was of course a very subjective one, as everyone had different priorities. First of all, all three were skiers and a snowboarder might see it a bit different again. But in the end St Anton made it in everybody’s top 3 list.

Not bad, right?

Me as a snowboarder, I had a fantastic time on and off piste. It’s been a while I was boarding the last time and so I’ve chosen to start with a complete day just checking out the different pistes.


I would recommend not just to get your board/ski and head up and down the mountain. Get a map with the different runs (find an interactive piste map here) and go as well into the areas a bit further away. These parts will probably be less crowded and you’ll have a nice change of the scenery.

You should also head up all the way to the top with the Valluga cable car. With a bit of luck you should be above the Alpes and have an amazing view all the way to Germany and Switzerland! Head there, even if it’s cloudy at the bottom. It could be that you are above the clouds up there.

When you exit the cable car, leave your board on the side and take the tiny cage on your right to the next level and to the viewing platform. You are not allowed to take your board/ski up there, unless you have a guide with you.

The way down, especially at the beginning, is doable, but challenging for experienced boarders/skiers. Just be careful, as you won’t want to fall down here, as the drop/fall is immense!

Make sure that you go all the way to the top and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Alpes!

St Anton also got a big variety of different countrysides and offers some serious fun if you like to go off piste.

Be smart and get a guide who shows you where to go and which areas are safe. Our guides were Gregor Fischer (email) and Frank Widmann (email) and I can recommend them both to you.

We just had a few centimeters of fresh snow and it hadn’t snowed the days before either. So pretty much most off-pistes were full of tracks. It was also a bit challenging to go down, as it was a bit bumpy and frozen. Still I enjoyed it a lot and was able to do the one or other nice powder turn.


More useful tips:


Our accommodation was the Hotel Montjola, which is a new chalet ofVIP SKI. You just need to go down the hill and you are in the city centre and at the lifts. They as well offer a transfer. The hotel just got completely renovated and if you should know it from before, you won’t recognize it any more. VIP prices for seven nights start from €1,093 per person based on 2 sharing, including breakfast and a yummy dinner.

Lunch breaks on the pistes:

– Do you like traditional Tyrolean and good food? Then stop at the Senn Hütte, but be early or reserve a table, as it’s usually very busy for lunch and for apres ski, the later often with live music.

– The Arlberg Hospiz Alm got a very cozy atmosphere. The food is not as good as in Senn Hütte, but still worth to stop for. Ask the waiter if it’s possible to see the wine cellar! Why?
You will be amazed! When have you last seen a 12, 15 or 20 litre bottle of wine? Probably a long time ago, if not never. Here you won’t just find one, but the full cellar full! The total value of the bottles lies at around 7,5 – 8,5 million Euro! Impressive? Guess what the most expensive bottle costs? Around € 80’000,- and there are 6 in total in that cellar! Do you want to buy one? Be quick, as there are only 2 left for sale!

Apres Ski:

St Anton is well known for Apres Ski. But if you ask me, you should visit the Arlberg to have some serious fun on and off piste! I’ve been to 3, 4 bars and wouldn’t recommend any of these. But to be fair, I do like to party, but definitely not Apres Ski.

Getting to St Anton and Lift Prices:

Take the car, train or the plane. Close airports are Innsbruck and Zürich. From both it’s easy to take a train to St Anton. The train station is right in the city centre.

You’ll find the latest lift prices on the pdf from the St Anton tourism board.

Thank you to Austrian TirolSt Anton am Arlberg and VIP SKI for inviting Traveldudes.

The pictures, words, and opinions are entirely our own!

Melvin Melvin
Love to travel, to discover the world, to travel free & untroubled & still be informed like an insider! For Travelers, By Travelers! & founder of Traveldudes.

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