Windsor Business EXPO

Morning to all my new blog followers, nearly 100 joined us yesterday following my invitation to all those following me on LinkedIn… welcome one and all…

This morning I find myself thinking about the Thames Valley Business & Community EXPO… I helped them out last year, introducing them to Paul & Mary, they thanked me by giving me 3 seconds on their show video and being voiced over by some bloke from out west 😉

Local exhibitions are a great way for small business owners to get their name out… last year we had around 500 visitors and there was a real buzz around the venue, Windsor Racecourse…

This year they’ve got some bloke from the last year’s Apprentice as keynote… did you come to my 2020 social media event back in 2011 when we had the sausage man… got booed off the Apprentice week one but he won best speaker at our event…

I’d like to help you max your profile & so let’s talk about how you might get involved with this year’s event… you can approach Alec & Allison directly and try your negotiation skills but as a group we’ll have more sway… I know Alec would like to focus on polishing the event rather than selling stalls, so let’s help him out… check out the stand pricing here and then complete the form below and give me an idea of your budget for a 1 day show with the potential for 500 people to know more about you… reflect on the energy The Berkshire Blog brings to any party and let’s get serious about making this year’s EXPO, build up to & post show qualification the best ever 😉

Anyone remember Internet World back in 2005/6 when we had 79 square metres and 40+ local businesses join in the fun! So pre video! Add comment below…

Thank you.


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