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Did you buy a Health Lottery ticket from Arborfield Stores, Eversley Road?

If you did buy a Health Lottery ticket from Arborfield Stores, Eversley Road recently then you could be the lucky winner of £10,000 smackerroonies!

To be a winner in life you need to help others on their journey… building business relationships involves helping out when you can…

This being the 10am slot, I’m sharing how I look to work in tandem with others to grow stuff, let me tell you a healthy story…

When I spoke to Jack Kenney-Herbert, PR man at the Health Lottery before Christmas we talked maps, there was an idea there but he had Christmas PR stuff to get on with, we agreed to speak in the new year… we spoke last week and senior management wanted him to focus on the next two big campaigns they’ve got planned… I said I understood and how about, in the meantime, when he has a Berkshire Health Lottery story he pings it over and I can give it an airing for him… help him get wider coverage on a story… he said thank you very much…

Please RT the heck out of this around Arborfield and if we find the lucky winner through our “Berkshire Blog Banging” (BBB) then do make sure I get to know as that would be great PR for us as well 😉

health lottery winner arborfield stores


London, 29th January – A mystery Health Lottery winner in Reading has yet to come forward and claim their £10,000 Health Lottery prize.

The ticket was purchased at Arborfield Stores on Eversley Road and Health Lottery players in Reading are urged to check their old tickets to see if they might be the lucky winner.

The winner has 180 days from the date of purchase to come forward and claim their prize.

The mystery player matched 4 balls and the bonus ball in the Health Lottery draw on 7th December and the numbers for the draw were: 3, 7, 25, 34, 46 and the bonus ball was 2.

Dominic Mansour, Chief Executive of The Health Lottery said:

“We are always delighted when players win, and we don’t want this winner to miss out on £10,000. I urge Health Lottery players in Reading to check all their old tickets and hopefully we can find the winner.

We have had over 1.8 million winners so far, sharing over £69 million between them. We are always looking to add to this number, so check your ticket, it could be you.”

As well as paying out millions in prizes, The Health Lottery also helps to raise money for health related good causes up and down the UK.

To date, The Health Lottery has helped raise over £44 million for local communities and has supported over 1,000 charities.

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