joe sparks introduces rotary to the green room over tea

Green is the colour of the Angel of Hope

Joe Sparks has set up a brilliant initiative in Windsor called the Green Room, creating hope for those the schools can’t handle… make yourself a nice of tea and enjoy his presentation 😉

Joe himself struggled at school and so wanted to do something to help those that the system lets down… he says it so passionately, there’s no point in me trying to say in type what he says so much better on video… check out that testimonial!

“I have watched Joe’s passion and dedication to this wonderful cause grow over the years, and I’ve seen him work true magic in getting these young people to where they should be. I am very proud to be involved in the Green Room Project. I wish him and everyone at Everyday Arts success during this latest phase of growth Derren Brown – Patron

Joe has a wish list as long as your arm and if you feel an affinity with him & his cause then please take five minutes to connect and give him some of you time or money… complete the form below and I’ll forward to Joe… thank you.

As an idea, around 20 young people attend each day and some turn up having had very little for breakfast… £30 a week allows him to buy bread, butter, ham & cheese to make the necessary toasties to ensure they can focus on the task at hand… fancy sponsoring your birthday week?

He’d like half a dozen i-pads that connect, via Apple TV boxes to screens and allow them to watch and share inspirational youtube videos… perhaps donate £100 towards the pot for these unless of course you’re feeling mighty generous… don’t hold back!

Ed: Lorna Byrne describes the Angel of Hope as being green

Thank you.


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