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LinkedIn Daily Routine

Create yourself a daily routine for LinkedIn. Give yourself 30 minutes at a time of day that suits you best and do these three things… your actions are bound to create a reaction over time.

Go see who’s been looking at you kid!
Every day go & see who has been looking at your profile… say hello as you think it relevant. You can invite folk to connect easily, flick of a wrist & if they’ve been looking at you, they are likely to respond positively giving you more connections. This is useful when you are searching for your perfect prospect… the more 1st connections you have, the border your reach.

Contact 3 new people
You know the profile of your perfect customer… go find 3 people who match and say hello… send them an invitation to connect providing a unique invitation based on what you’ve read about them.

Build rapport in LinkedIn Groups
Visit one of your LinkedIn Groups and comment on 1 or 2 discussions. This allows other members to get to know you… making it more likely they will respond to your own discussions when you post them in the future.

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
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5 thoughts on “LinkedIn Daily Routine

  1. I went to my LinkedIn home page expecting to see this in my feed somewhere so I could share it with my network. I couldn’t find it. Is that because of my settings or is it because your blog posts aren’t posted to your LinkedIn?


  2. My blog posts do get shared with LinkedIn but it might take a few minutes, once posted on here… there is a share button below my signature you can use to push this out to your fans… thanks Tash!


    1. Thanks Trudy… go share with a few lumber jacks 😉

      With the Winter Olympics just around the corner… got any skiing / sports training advise in the form of an article we could use for one of our 2pm after lunch blog spots?


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