1000 Better Ways Foundation Park Tracey Giblin and Walter Blackburn

Does the thought of giving a presentation leave you QUAKING in your boots?

A few years ago, with a bit of help from the Ecademy network, a book called “When Death Came Third” hit the top of the business books sales list… it went on to explain how people were less scared of death than they were of giving a presentation to a group of people!

Walter Blackburn attended our “1000 Better Ways” slow business networking event at the end of January and I used his video at the bottom of the blog which shared news of that event. It was only fair therefore that I put our 2nd 1000 Better Ways story together based around his video… should have a few more views by the end of the day 😉

You can find Walter & his colleagues here… and here’s a client testimonial from his website…

“The Major Bid Presentation Training that the senior group received from Walter and his team was excellent. It got us on our feet from the word go and kept us there for the 2 days. It also gave us a new approach to structuring the pitch that we weren’t expecting. I was surprised how involving it was and how much the trainers helped us create pitches around our business. It left us with a real buzz. We’ve won more business as a result of being more skilled on our feet and by having the confidence to pitch.”Acorn Andrew Tugwell, Operations Director of Acorn – one of the UK’s leading Recruitment and Training Companies 

If you think Walter can help, give him a call on on 07889 167 486 if you like to learn more about speaking in a club environment, take a look at Maidenhead Speaker’s Club, part of Toastmasters International.

Thank you.


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