old windsor houses flooding

Do you know someone whose home based business is down the drain due to flooding?

Verbatim, The Phone Answering Service has thrown a lifeline to Berkshire businesses affected by the flooding with the offer to answer the calls of up to 20 stricken businesses for free until the end of February, by which time the floodwater will have hopefully subsided.

The offer is open to home based businesses that have been flooded or to business owners whose homes are flooded or threatened with flooding meaning they cannot be at work. Contact us here >>>

Verbatim based at Greenham Business Park in West Berkshire whose Founder & Managing Director lives 50 yards from the river on the upper reaches of The Thames, has first-hand experience of the rising flood waters at his home prompted him to make the gesture.

“Where I live west of Oxford we have been on flood alerts and flood warnings since Christmas and are surrounded by sandbags and while we have not yet been flood the water is getting closer and I know how important it is to stay close to home.

“I am lucky to own a phone answering service meaning I can work from home and be here to protect my property and family and still handle calls and clients; others are not so lucky and either have their workplace flooded or are away from work to protect their home and our hearts go out to those people and we hope this gesture will help them stay in business while staying at home.

“Answering phones for businesses effected by the flooding is a small gesture and a genuine way we can help the local economy.”

If you know someone whose home based business is down the drain due to flooding

“Here’s a free, absolutely no quibble, no moaning, lifeline for them”

Tell them to call this number to register their business – 01635 576060 – and we’ll handle all their calls until the end of February, absolutely free and with no obligation and no strings attached.

We’ll maintain their diary, take calls and sales enquiries, transfer urgent calls to mobiles, and give out info to VIP and key customers, leaving them free to sort out their family and home problems.

In times like this we all need to pull together and help those in urgent need, and helping businesses is what we’re about. My home is only threatened right now, while the business is high and dry, so we’re in a position to help those less fortunate.

Thank you.

Graham HillGraham Hill
Tel: 01635 573208
LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/in/grahamoncall
Twitter: GrahamVerbatim
Website: Verbatim

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