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New domain names? On your bike…

I’ve just been advised by my domain host that there are a host of new domain extensions that will be available in the near future…

For £23.99 + VAT per year .Bike, .Singles, .Clothing, .Guru & .Plumbing are available NOW! .Holdings & .Ventures will cost you £42.99 + VAT

New extensions are being added every week, as detailed below, and Total Registrations will keep you informed as they can be registered, should you be interested…

12th February 2014 .camera .equipment .estate .gallery .graphics .lighting .photography
19th February 2014 .construction .contractors .directory .kitchen .land .technology .today
26th February 2014 .diamonds .enterprises .tips .voyage
5th March 2014 .careers .photos .recipes .shoes
12th March 2014 .cab .company .domains .limo
19th March 2014 .academy .center .computer .management .systems .uno
26th March 2014 .builders .email .solutions .support .training
2nd April 2014 .camp .education .glass .institute .repair
9th April 2014 .coffee .florist .house .international .solar

What domain extension would you like to see?

Thank you.


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2 thoughts on “New domain names? On your bike…

  1. The explosion of domain names is a nightmare for customers…. .com or or ,org is hard enough.. using one of these new domain names is a recipe for making it harder for your prospects to find your business… This is network engineering which ought to be hidden from customers… I need a Costa coffee now, or Daniels, now where do you guess i might mean…. I’m sure there are loads of Daniels but I only need type in daniels windsor and the result works for me. The domain is irrelevant…. Let’s stop asking customers/prospects to work harder to find us.


  2. The new domain name system might seem a headache but it will actually work better eventually, especially for search engines. For instance, if you want me “graham jones, psychologist” you will find there are several possibilities on search engines.But when I get “grahamjones.psychologist” the search engines will know which one to use. It will be the same for things like brand names, who are due to get their own domain extensions soon. Hence finding stuff about business use of Microsoft Word is tiresome for search engines as they have to wade through all the dross to work out what to put first. When the domain is “” it will be so much easier. It is going to take a couple of years to settle down. In the meantime, I have already started buying the domain extensions I might need. If you really want you can now find me at


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