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Celebrating our 2300th Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group Member

David Sellings became our 2300th member of our Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group and so it was only fair to allow him a few words…

Enjoy David‘s blog and come and join the group if you are a business person based in Berkshire… thank you.

Daunted by the recession? Asked to do more with less? Not sure where efficiencies can be made? Uncertain where to make investments? Unsure what the future holds?

Well, you are not alone – many others are in the same situation. But we can offer you an easily administered remedy. Read how we helped return a smile to the faces of our clients and how we can do the same for you. Now more than ever it is necessary to look where your business is heading and how efficiencies can be achieved. We offer the capability to chart your company’s future course and work with you to successfully navigate it.

Business Realignment and Efficiencies

We were asked to holistically assess how a mid-sized international company measured the performance of its business and organisational efficiency, and recommend how this could be improved and optimised by focussing on, and efficiently measuring, a set of critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The company is now gaining market momentum as it aligns behind a set of unified objectives.

We also advised an international software company on the type of support services and structure it needed to put in place to satisfy its customers and partners and achieve market competitiveness. The company revamped its entire support program and is now reaping the rewards.

Channel Recruitment

Vendors require channel partners that have the skills and customer base appropriate to their technology and capability. Partners that are financially viable and have the integrity to earnestly and honestly represent the vendor’s product or service. Partners that are committed to the vendor. We find (and as necessary, recruit and manage) partners that have the profile the vendor needs to increase its business.

We were asked to identify and qualify ECM capable partners to sell the document management product portfolio of a European ECM vendor. The company successfully recruited a number of these partners and asked Me4U to assist in the ongoing management of them.

Commercial Practices

We provide a range of services and insights into how companies can improve their commercial practices whether around sales force effectiveness, channel programs and channel readiness, or pricing.

We undertook a major review for an international software company of the pricing structure of its products and services and recommend how it could be improved and simplified such that its customers found it easier to use and more pertinent. The feedback the client has received from its customers and partners has been very positive.

Although the X-Force team declared 2011 as a watershed in high-profile security breaches, the report also uncovered some improvements in areas of computer security that show headway in the fight against crime on the Internet.

To gain your remedy simply contact Me4U Limited

Thank you.


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