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Helping those impacted by the River Thames Floods

Wraysbury, Datchet & now Staines are all featuring on the BBC news… living in Windsor, these towns are next door and so very much part of our community.

Chris from Kris Cruisers is a fellow Rotarian and the start of this year has been very unsettling with the floods coming, going & coming back… go take a look at his Facebook page… think on during the summer, perhaps book a day boat… fun for you and will help him out… thank you.

I have had two companies contact me and say they are happy to help out…

We featured Graham Hill’s offer of call handling for home based businesses yesterday & Chris Mitchell from RBS shared they have created a £250m short term loan fund to help folk out…

I have emailed Cllr. Colin Rayner to find out what is needed and as he advises me I will let you know.

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Pinterest is a platform which is great for sharing images and so I have created an account to share news of the floods so those that are not involved directly can see the impact… pop along, download the maps & add your story, send them back…


Please share & send us images via Pinterest or Twitter @onthisdayblog

If you’d like to offer assistance then complete the form below and I will advise Colin when he gets time to connect.

Thank you.


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One thought on “Helping those impacted by the River Thames Floods

  1. Mate’s just pointed me to this…

    And also tells me squaddies will be getting around £7 per hour… sorry £60 per day whatever that means in 24 hours… while I’ve just seen an email to local council employees offering £15 per hour if they “volunteer”… that’s not a volunteering…

    I saw an old dear on TV this morning with heart problems who was helping her community by truly volunteering… will she see her pension topped up for helping out or will she simply end up with a higher council tax bill to pay for all these council volunteers? Did push my buttons…


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