Faulty equipment can really take the biscuit

A Few years back I was asked to assist a company with identification of its risks. The company employed nearly 400 loyal workers. The Managing Director was respected by all. His Grandfather founded the company over a hundred years ago.

You would think that over such a time, anything which might disrupt production would be well-known. It is often the obvious that gets dismissed, whilst you pass by every day. Walking through the factory was an essential part of my analysis and the Managing Director accompanied me. We donned our white coats, hair-nets and white Trilby hats to follow the production process. As with any process it is essential to record all single points where process flows converge. In this case a huge vat heated boiling jam and was one of only two in the factory, the other being installed on a seasonal products line. The obvious question was to ask how soon disruption from a failing vat would become intolerable, how long would it take to repair and how much will it hurt the business whilst it was inoperative.

Process and premises were my initial thoughts. The production process would be interrupted and equipment with the premises’ assets would be the cause. Governance came into consideration when we discussed the requirement to thoroughly clean a transferred vat before authorising its re-use. Without deep cleaning they risk contamination of product, recall and food standards non-compliance. How easy it is to fail over a seemingly insignificant item.

It’s just good business sense…

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With kind regards – Gareth

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