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Are you Blogging with Confidence?

When I first asked folk to blog, or add content to their very own space on the Business in Berkshire website back in 2004/5 I was disappointed when on 6 out of 600 actually engaged with the programme…

It frustrated me for year’s, “What’s wrong with people?” I would ask, coming to the conclusion that most got a “C” at English so felt uncomfortable exposing themselves verbally in public… “We’re British you know!”

Around 2009 I heard a presentation by Microsoft which confirmed I wasn’t alone, only 1% truly engage, most folk are lurkers, just hovering around doing very little… so it’s not me, most folk just don’t do it… phew, breathe!

10 years on and the world is full of people willing to blog with confidence and share their stories with the world… many funding their global travels on the back of building a following, a tribe, that funds the citizen journalist on their way… and some are even taking the nippers along… brilliant… enjoy these glimpses into another world that could be you…

mapping megan black bears@mappingmegan Megan has sent us two stories… have you been down in the woods today? Her and her husband have taken some great pics, I’ve used my favourite above…

@hikingtours Ryan is a travel blogger that has taken it a step further, setting up a travel company!

@Bloggeries just shared this link about a couple living a “location independent” lifestyle… heaven!

The advantages of living a location independent lifestyle are obvious. Freedom to be your own boss, freedom to travel and experience new cultures, your own working schedule, your own choices when it comes to what you want to do in your work and life and amazing new life experiences.

@traveldudes Melvin shared this story with us at the end of January…

alps in st moritz traveldudes

@TrueNomads a couple from Australia who just keep on travelling…

@WheresSharon taking the family on tour… a 1 & 3 year old in tow! Has promised us a story or two but hey, nappies get in the way 😉

@canadianhayes I just loved this guys video appealing for donations to write his books…

Looks like Sean Michael Hayes raised over double what he was looking for from his Kickstarter campaign…

And he’s got his pants sponsored… his mum will be pleased 😉

So don’t worry about the snakes, get blogging with confidence… you just don’t know where it will take you…

Thank you.


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