TFM Technology for Marketing and Advertising Show 2014

Manning the e-goi stand F40 at TFM&A 2014

On 16th January 2014 I put a call out to the world…

Did anyone need “Help Manning the Stand at Technology for Marketing & Advertising” at this year’s EXPO?

Creating a blog page, enabling me to share my greatness with exhibitors… I was ready to knock on their doors and share my availability… below I have shared the process of how e-goi on stand F40 became the lucky winners of two days of my time… for those who have things to do, book below, see you on the day… #TFMA2014

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Everyone else, read on…

I followed up by spending the weekend gathering data on the 149 companies who had booked at that time… extracting any company information, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest & Google+ data that was available.

Many of the exhibitors hadn’t completed their profiles on the event website and so I visited their main websites and gathered the rest of what I needed…

Note to exhibitors: If you’re spending a few thousand quid on a stand, spend 5 minutes cut & pasting the show profile from information you’ll have easily to hand… add this on booking to max your exposure for when a key decision maker is preparing his diary of events for the coming months ahead… he can easily find out about you, without the need to dig around… you never know who’s looking in…

This is what I found relating to the Technology for Marketing & Advertising exhibitors:

  • 149 companies registered at the time
  • 147 had websites
  • 110 Twitter
  • 95 Facebook
  • 91 LinkedIn Company Pages
  • 43 Google+
  • 41 YouTube
  • 40 Blogs

I reviewed the list, looking to connect with those with limited man power… or those looking to make new inroads into the UK.

I am one of a rare bread of sales people who needs to actually believe in what I am selling, so a connection to the product & how it adds value to the world determined who I added to my short list of those I would like to represent.

I made contact with 18 people via LinkedIn who appeared to be key decision makers within the companies I was most interested in, tweeting one from a company who sell monitoring software… it took him 48 hours to respond!

I knew one chap already & he had a full crew… 17 invites to connect, 9 responded positively and 7 didn’t respond… not sure if they reviewed my profile, some may have felt intimidated by my talents and so chose not to connect, I get that 😉

Talking to Tiago, UK Country Manager at e-goi and I liked what I was hearing so I had to dive in a little deeper & give the system a spin… I’ve been very, very impressed with the quality of the responsive email templates e-goi provides and the ease of creation their system allows the user. You can read about how I created my first template at 12PM today in my next blog… damn, just hit publish instead of save!

Tiago has been asked to take part in a panel discussion on day 2 of the TFM&A, Wednesday 26th February, 12:00 – 12:30… get yourself along…

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Chair person: Joel Harrison, Editorial & Content Director, B2B Marketing


Steve Kemish, Managing Director, Cyance

Scot McKee, Managing Director, Birddog

Alan Keller, Chief Revenue Officer, Duda

Michael Barber, Head of Product Marketing, Communicator Corp

Tiago Oliveira, Country Manager UK, E-goi

See you at the EXPO…

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Thank you.


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