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Building a Responsive Email Template

With over 10 years experience putting together email newsletters it was mighty refreshing to find a solution that makes great design easy for someone with limited design & html skill.

The three biggest challenges for someone building a traditional html email newsletter are:

• Ensuring the copy size remains consistent across the template
• Getting the images the right size for the space available
• Ensuring the space between elements doesn’t disappear on various email delivery platforms

Its amazed me on so many occasions how I can add content to a newsletter only for the font size to vary under its own steam! Check the html for font sizes and it still turns out a bit squiffy!

Somebody replies to your email saying “Thank you, can you tell me about…” and what is represented is a template that has gone pear in more ways than one, with images touching each other, etc.

Adding graphics to the template and you have to keep remaking them so they just fit perfectly into the space… then the font changes in delivery and screws up the design anyway!

All very frustrating and requiring a solution… so you wait patiently for a miracle & make do in the meantime…

If this all sounds very familiar then you need to take a look at e-goi’s solution… more than just an responsive email delivery platform, it comes with a bunch of tools for your multichannel online marketing challenges! Try the email bit first and you’ll not be disappointed…

While knocking on the doors of companies taking part in the Technology for Marketing & Advertising EXPO I came across e-goi and after talking to the their local representative I had to take a look for myself…

The system allows you to add elements very easily… drag and drop pictures… pull in a text box… copy one that already exists and move it to where you’d like to see it… need some space, create a space element, resize it… it’s just so simple…

creating responsive email newsletters

When it comes to copying and pasting text, you don’t need to neutralise it in notepad before pasting into your newsletter, you can just copy and paste, even from LinkedIn and it will appear as the template determines… and you can change that through the management panel…

adding pictures to responsive email templates

If you want one picture to be larger than another to give it a higher focus then simply change the size of the column by dragging the middle section and the image will get bigger to fill the space & the text will move over… marvellous!

resizing column percentages on responsive email newsletters

I put my first template together in a couple of hours and sent it out to my database of around 6000 Berkshire based business people… a few replies came back and what was so pleasing was that the template looked exactly the same in reply as it did in the original format!

reply of responsive email newsletter

What a great system… go give it a try for yourself and let me know if you’d like me to help you on the journey… and the price… if you have less than 2500 contacts, you can send all the emails you want for £14 a month… and you can do more than just send emails… got to be worth a spin…

(The forms don’t look great when the blog is delivered via email… best viewed on the web page… click blue text above to view online…)

Thank you.


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