great bloke to have on your team

3 dozen new members in a baker’s dozen of days

Do you mix your metaphors? I’m always doing it…

Funny thing is it proves humorous to some, especially those that don’t know you and blummin annoying to others, especially those that do!

I might mix up my grammar but I know my numbers… Math English thing I guess…

I went on a bit of a mission towards the end of last week. I decided to use the LinkedIn connect buttons to find folk who might be interested in the Reading EXPO and ended up inviting 296 people to connect… 76, over 25% were more than happy to do so 😉

Some, obviously affronted that I dare say hello via LinkedIn, grassed me up to LinkedIn so the system is telling me I’m near my limit of complaints… so best back off a bit…

I followed this by saying hello to folk in the health space, with the Clive project taking shape and my 20% target, 17 or 84 agreed to be pals.

berkshire bloggersThen, and how ironic if it’s these wee b’tards that grassed me up, I invited people named Jon or Jonathan Davey to connect… from across the UK, the above were all Berkshire & surrounds… that would be funny, grassed myself up! Only 2 of 43 did connect… miserable bunch!

So 95 connected and those in Berkshire got a note about relevant stuff than included an invitation to join the Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group…

Around the same time I pushed out a note to the BinB Group saying we had almost 2300 members… now we have 2334, so that would imply over 1/3rd of those invited came along and joined the group… obviously there will be those that joined because a pal joined but they came because their pal did, so all in all it is a direct result of and so counts in my book. And a few that would have joined anyway, under their own steam.

Go say hello to some new people on LinkedIn… you’ll be well chuffed that you did… and if relevant, invite them to join the Business in Berkshire Group.

We’ve only got 14 stands at the Reading EXPO and interest in 6, so you’d best be quick…

royal berkshire conference centre entrance

And it’s almost the weekend so pray for sunshine, it’s great when you feel its rays on your boat race… init!

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
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