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In need of a ‘finance person’?

Hats off to Tracey Giblin for making the most of the opportunities I have presented her with to promote her business…

Tracey joined us for last month’s Slow Business Networking event where we shot this video… book yourself in for THIS Friday’s event!

And then when I put the call out on the Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group to stand up if you joined in February (still time), she jumped up and grabbed the bull by the horns… or the Polar Bear by the ?

Professional business services with a personal approach

Sometimes a traditional finance person is not enough. As a business seeks to create efficiencies, survive in an increasingly competitive environment and grow good business into long term success there is a greater need for control, strategic review and a detailed longer term plan.

As I looked in the market place I could find many services to support the necessary accounting that businesses need and also corporate Finance Director support but this is not aligned to the needs of an SME who do not need or want the ‘corporate approach’ at ‘corporate prices’. Instead they need something that is tailored to their business size, does not become a burden and does not create huge amounts of additional work. Sometimes a smaller business needs a Commercial Accountancy Professional who understands this and, importantly, is someone that they can get on with on a personal level where they can build a relationship of trust to know that they will do what is best for the business and owners. The business may need this professional on a part-time or project basis, they also need flexibility and that is where I can support you and your business. If you call this role a Finance Director role or a Business Support role it doesn’t matter – it is about delivering what you and your business need so you can get on and manage your business and realise your broader business strategy.

Operating in and around the Thames Valley I can support you and your business on a part time, ad hoc or project basis and flex around your needs. If you are further afield and need support call me to discuss the available options.​

“I’m a finance person, a qualified chartered accountant, providing an affordable and flexible service. I help SME’s sustain business, give direction for growth and survive in a currently challenging economic climate. I’ll look at how you can reduce your costs, create more efficient processes and help you to build a business for the future.”

Tracey GiblinTracey Giblin
Commercial Accountancy Support Services with a Personal Touch


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