e-goi TFMA2014 conversation

Marketing automation, what to do with your leads after #TFMA2014?

OK so first there was the wheel… gueezer made it and used it for himself… he was an engineer!

Then some bloke came along and said, “You know, I bet you could sell that for loads of bags of salt!” He was a travelling salesman.

He sped his way home that evening and his wife said, “Since you’re home early on that fine looking wheel, you can do the washing, make the dinner & by the way, that wheel would look great in pink, more women would buy it!” Obviously she was a part-time marketing consultant 😉

Pretty in Pink

Today, sadly we can’t use salt to buy stuff but we can start thinking about how we communicate with people in their preferred colour… would sir like that in green… purple for you ma’am, right away…

#TFMA2014 was fun, must have met 100+ new people who I’ll be connecting with over the weekend and I met plenty of old & getting older contacts who were there to check out new stuff 😉

I now need to work out how best to communicate with the new contacts… I have the facility to make the conversations much more bespoke by identifying what floats an individual’s boat… if they click on a link, they get email A… if they click on two links, email B… etc.

I’ll let you know Monday what I came up with…

Thank you.


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