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Successful Communications 5 Steps to Success : Step 2

Successful Communications needs to mix up both modern social media tools & traditional face to face to optimise this step to success…

Successful Communications require…

1. Those that are interested in listening
2. Tools to facilitate successful delivery
3. Content that is of interest to the readers
4. A way for them to feedback easily, creating conversation
5. And an ability to measure how readers engage to ensure you are not just whistling in the wind 😉

Over 5 days, I have pushed out a blog each day at 10am which addresses each element of successful communications above…

Each is easily digestible, not too many words… if you like what I have to say we can talk about how you implement a similar protocol.

Successful Communications Step 2

Tools to facilitate successful communications…

We are all unique and so like to receive information in different ways. I have ordered these in my preference & what works for me.

• As far as I am concerned, one of the best ways to communicate is via your blog, where 20, 200 or 2000 words can be used to express a thought or idea… and readers can respond online or reply to blog updates online. So encouraging people to sign up for you blog means both parties can communicate easily & immediately. On sign up, the frequency of update can be changed to fit the recipient’s needs… immediately, daily, weekly. Follow my blog >>>

• Next up is a newsletter, enabling people to sign up to receive an update once or twice a week around key elements of interest. Opt-in for newsletter >>>

• Creation of LinkedIn Group I would put third, especially for business to business organisations. Millions of people are on LinkedIn & so are familiar with how the platform works, making it easier for them to engage… come & join our Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group >>>

• Face to face is a great way to communicate & so bring people together on a regular basis… we currently have a monthly networking event, with plans for others… show your interest in our Slow Business Networking events >>>

• Youtube is not face to face but allows people to understand you better… using Youtube on your blog will bring it more to life… check out my relevant channels… binbnews >>> & windsordaily >>>

• Many business people like Twitter because it saves on needing to use words! Most platforms allow you to connect with Twitter and so sound bite links can be despatched from your blog or via LinkedIn. Sign up to @berkshireblog >>>

• Facebook has a place and is very popular for people talking about family & fun stuff… I push out my blogs to my BinB Facebook account and new people follow now & again… take a look for yourself >>>

• Google+ comes with gmail and by definition, it will give added bunce to your Google SEO ranking but is SEO really that important… how many can be in the top spot & isn’t it likely that the guy with the most $$$ will fly high? More content will attract more people & those who are truly interested will follow your blog.

• If your world is visually based then Pinterest & other graphical social networks have a place.

• And sure as eggs are eggs, there will be a new social media platform introduced every week and 1 in 1000 will make the grade.

Thank you.


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