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Successful Communications 5 Steps to Success : Step 3

Content is King is as true today for social media as it ever was for the first newspapers…

Successful Communications require…

1. Those that are interested in listening
2. Tools to facilitate successful delivery
3. Content that is of interest to the readers
4. A way for them to feedback easily, creating conversation
5. And an ability to measure how readers engage to ensure you are not just whistling in the wind 😉

Over 5 days, I have pushed out a blog each day at 10am which addresses each element of successful communications above…

Each is easily digestible, not too many words… if you like what I have to say we can talk about how you implement a similar protocol.

Successful Communications Step 3

What is interesting to one reader will be as dull as dish to another so you need to mix it up and base it on some logical criteria… and since this is your blog, make it your logical “content is king” criteria.

For my own blog I have decided that all business and no play makes Jon a dull boy… so 2 business, 2 fun came to mind. I need to drive revenue from my blog because I spend so much time on it, so…

10am a blog about me
12pm a blog about a client
2pm something light after lunch
4pm our on this day fun facts

After 6 months I now have over 400 sign up for the blog and the site gets 5000+ visitors a month… and I’ll be looking to double these numbers during 2014.

What you include in your blog needs to be based on what your readers are going to enjoy…

If you have any stories you’d like me to include in my blog then let me know… tune into the content we are sharing >>>

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
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3 thoughts on “Successful Communications 5 Steps to Success : Step 3

  1. Hi Jon,

    Could I ask a cheeky question? We’ve launched the speaker platform we briefly spoke about http://www.iwantaspeaker.com and wondered if you would like to register on it as a speaker.

    The reason being is that I would love to post some of your helpful advice – like this series of use of social media, in one of the community forums, but I would like to give you total credit for it. But for me to do that, I would need a profile to register it against… so I am in a bit of a pickle. Would you be interested in registering and allowing me to re-post your info on your behalf?

    Cindy ☺


    1. Wouldn’t want you to be in a pickle Cindy… not if you’re going to make me a Rainmaker… helping to inspire folk across the globe 😉

      It would only be courteous of me to register… will do later… thank you… glad you are enjoying them.


  2. I would like to communicate with you and tell you your father and I have been married for 50 years tomorrow !! 7th March xx


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