2014 thames valley international technology conference

Thames Valley International Technology Conference at Microsoft

What’s THE GREAT BIG IDEA Competition?

I’ve got me a spare ticket for this year’s Thames Valley International Technology Conference with a face value of £174 but a street value which is much higher… easy for those on expenses in corporate to afford… but not so easy for those little guys with THE GREAT BIG IDEAS on their 6th tin of beans in as many days!

So here is your chance to shine… add a comment below and in 140 words or less tell me why I should hand you the golden ticket… go check out the Agenda & Speakers and then throw down you words below…

The event is on 1st April, so don’t be a fool and enter early 😉

Please enter by Sunday evening 23rd March and I’ll pick a winner over the following few days, announcing the WINNER by Friday 28th March at the latest, so you can get your hair done!

Thank you.


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9 thoughts on “Thames Valley International Technology Conference at Microsoft

  1. What accounts for the phenomenal success of a ‘blockbuster’? Why did so many of us fall so hard for the TV Series “Breaking Bad”? Award-winning academic research suggests that BLOGGING is the next golden ticket! A blending of Social Media, Computing and Sentiment Analysis now makes it possible to speedily, accurately and cost-effectively replicate locally, at quantum levels, what works to attract a tribe or a crowd globally!.

    It is increasingly cost effective for a small business to invest in the design and launch of products, services and marketing campaigns. Quantum Geek Communications design and deliver tailor-made ‘sentiment analysed solutions’. Our expertise enables high level decision-making to emerge through mentoring/ coaching and consulting relationships. If analysing short-term movements on the stock exchange can predict the value of shares according to the sentiment expressed by global investors – just think what Quantum Geek Communications can do for you and your business!


  2. Willy Wonka had five golden tickets
    But his style of selection wasn’t really cricket
    At Business in Berkshire they laid down a quest
    The prized golden ticket would go to the best
    “Hold your breath, make a wish, count to three.”
    I only need one ticket for my brand new start-up called CTVT.


  3. Jon I think that this is a really useful event for all of us involved in the Thames Valley Tech market. Having looked at the website, it looks like it is an ideal opportunity to keep up today with the industry trends and meet with decision makers in that industry. I’d love to be able to wax in to poetry, but haven’t had enough coffee, but hope I will be able to see you there.


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