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Successful Communications 5 Steps to Success : Step 4

People would discuss what was in the papers over a cup of tea… now that’s virtual tea over Twitter where it’s your mug, not your mug that might feature 😉

Successful Communications require…

1. Those that are interested in listening
2. Tools to facilitate successful delivery
3. Content that is of interest to the readers
4. A way for them to feedback easily, creating conversation
5. And an ability to measure how readers engage to ensure you are not just whistling in the wind 😉

Over 5 days, I have pushed out a blog each day at 10am which addresses each element of successful communications above…

Each is easily digestible, not too many words… if you like what I have to say we can talk about how you implement a similar protocol.

Successful Communications Step 4

People need to be able to communicate with you easily.

Most people will use email to ping back a note, so making your email address easily available one communications is a must… create a signature with logical links.

As people get more confident with blogs, which will be a result of your communication style… if you allow people to express themselves they will… if you come back “all know it all” then they are likely not to bother…

LinkedIn is great for feedback as many enjoy the groups and being able to join in conversations, check out the BinB Group discussions >>>

Twitter users tend to respond to topics that are hot because they can easily with 140 characters… doesn’t need much thought or time… check out @berkshireblog feedback >>>

Phone numbers are always good with this, including mobiles for texting…

Thank you.


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