judy and trevor davey

Happy anniversary mum & dad

Today is my mum & dad’s 50th wedding anniversary and so I thought it only appropriate to tell the world how much I love them…

Without them I wouldn’t be here to share my ramblings… so let’s see those fingers folks… I want lots of LIKES on this ‘ere post 😉

Judy and Trevor Davey smile

Dad’s 70th birthday party…

They met in Sheringham, Norfolk where mum lived & my dad was the village bobby… in those far off days before chem-trails & t’internet…

They moved to Leeds so dad could progress his career… becoming a Chief Superintendent & receiving a gong off Her Majesty for doing his bit…

davey carvings by grandad

Carved by my grandad

Mum was very proud to be married to a Police Officer but not so proud when he retired and became a Golf Club Secretary… “What’s the point of that!” she thought & so took up his mantel and went on to sort out the local WI & parish council…

Making a great team and ensuring me & my little sister had a great start in life.

They instilled a sense of right & wrong which can be bloody annoying when you’re nipper wanting to have fun with your mates but as I grow older, I’ll be 50 next year, I find myself trying to fix what the world around me and as I return to full power after a couple of emotional years, I will be picking up where they left off & doing my bit to make a better world for my nippers to grow up in…

davey chappell family photo

Montage my aunt made up as a birthday gift for me… one of my favourite ever prezzies…

And when I’m 85 & celebrating my 50th wedding anniversary to Ali, we’ll raise a glass to two shining stars with Charlie & Chloe… Charlie will be 51 by then… oops 😉

Have a good one folks…



4 thoughts on “Happy anniversary mum & dad

  1. Hi Jon

    My husband, Peter, is from Sheringham and his Dad was based in the beat house at Gresham at the time your dad was the local bobby! Peter’s Dad was Peter Harris PC162. Sadly Peter passed away a few years ago but perhaps your Dad might remember him.

    Sweet serendipity!

    Kind Regards
    Louise Y. Harris QFP
    Franchise Director
    Twitter: @chimneysweepwcs
    W: http://www.franchisechimneysweep.co.uk


  2. I and we forgive you, John , if it is necessary , with your loving rambles about Mum and Dad , the salt of your earth, youth and now . No fingers up to count or salute . . May you all they have peace, pleasure, happiness and health in the lives of you all . Never forget the wonders of the world they have given to you, your birth right and live rightly to honour them- and yours . (That seems about right , I just wanted to say thank you for the Epens experience . I learnt a great deal.) Chip , Green Angels .


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