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Successful Communications 5 Steps to Success : Step 5

If you can’t measure it you can’t manage the success of your communications…

Successful Communications require…

1. Those that are interested in listening
2. Tools to facilitate successful delivery
3. Content that is of interest to the readers
4. A way for them to feedback easily, creating conversation
5. And an ability to measure how readers engage to ensure you are not just whistling in the wind ūüėČ

Over 5 days, I have pushed out a blog each day at 10am which addresses each element of successful communications above…

Each is easily digestible, not too many words… if you like what I have to say we can talk about how you implement a similar protocol.

Successful Communications Step 5

How are readers engaging with the ‚ÄúSuccessful Communications 5 Steps to Success‚ÄĚ?

First thing that helps you measure is the number of people visiting each of the pages‚Ķ the ‚ÄúSuccessful Communications‚ÄĚ series didn‚Äôt pick up many readers from the site‚Ķ less than 10 have chosen to read anyone of the posts on the site‚Ķ

Most of our 400+ blog readers will have read 1 or 2 as they landed in their inbox but we can’t see that… we can only see if they click through on a link in the story to the blog… so we could get strategic with that and have unique pages.

Step 2 did have a bunch of links and I did notice a number of click throughs to the pages listed‚Ķ this shows folk are reading your blog post‚Ķ phew ūüėČ

measuring the success of communications
Google the series title and we have 1, 2 & 3 listed‚Ķ so Google’s listening‚Ķ

I sent the 1st blog, slight reworded, as an email to 5888 business people on my newsletter list… it appeared to drive 4 people to optin for my newsletter‚Ķ the first blog post in this series went to 411 people, this one showed 416‚Ķ others opted in during the week & they also opted out‚Ķ that’s life! But the series itself didn’t drive a ton of new blog followers‚Ķ

What was great was day 3, Cindy Waterfield asked me to join her speakers network… not that she wants me to speak you understand, just share my wisdom with the crowd… her speakers are pucker and get paid top dollar to speak across the globe… but she likes what I am pushing out and would like to push it further… hurrah!

A tweet went out via @bershireblog, @windsordaily, @jondavey and the binb old twitter handle @binbnews, reaching 4520 twitter followers‚Ķ there doesn’t appear to be any re-tweets‚Ķ but then who is listening? I already know that tweeting to a person generates the best engagements‚Ķ

google search for successful communications

Google images is also an important place to be in this picture world we live in…

Reality is, people prefer fun stuff… that’s why there was a guy on the tele this morning talking about packing in his job as manager of a bar & making his money from sponsored ads on his war craft videos he pushing out to Youtube… this modern world of ours!

BuzzFeed is making it’s money & a ton of it, from researching what people are interested in and then creating stories around this that get shared widely‚Ķ they are the current online marketing masters‚Ķ a quick look while writing this and they are even using a picture of, not one but two cats with a title of “The 41 Most Awkward Things That Have Ever Happened”‚Ķ nothing to do with the cats at all, but we all love cats or enough of us do‚Ķ so we go aghhhh & click‚Ķ the story is a montage of celebrity gaffs which some of us might, rightly so, consider utter tripe‚Ķ but then Buzz are fleecing corporate of their marketing pots based on visibility‚Ķ and having an almighty last laugh!

In my miniature world, this week‚Äôs top story was ‚ÄúCurriculum Vitae 1980 compared with Curriculum Vitae 2014‚ÄĚ which has generated a wapping 52 unique visitors‚Ķ we like our history & to reminisce about the good old days‚Ķ

Thinking bigger picture, beyond this week, by creating the series, I can, once this story has published, add links to all the 1-5 points in the opening paragraph & so people can move around all the stories once they find 1 of them… the more detailed reader will appreciate it and one or two may give me a call.

This will also increase the SEO of the whole & if people are searching for graphical representation of ‚ÄúSuccessful Communications‚ÄĚ they may also bump into me‚Ķ only time will tell‚Ķ

Conclusion‚Ķ next series needs to be less business & a bit more fun‚Ķ I‚Äôll get my thinking hat on ūüėČ

Thank you for listening.


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