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Optimising your social media engagement

The week before last I attended TFM&A 2014 and I still haven’t communicated with those I met… this is not optimising my social media engagement!

I am very aware that we have one chance to make a first, or second, good impression and wacking off an email via an email marketing system could well end up straight in their spam bin, never to be seen again, especially if they work in corporate land, they have hair triggers on their spam filters 😉

Logic suggests the best thing to do would be to send each a personal email (which will have far more chance of getting through without the opt out links), via gmail, saying hi, remember me and over the next few days I will…

• Send you an invitation to follow my blog… this will keep you tuned into my world and you can choose real time, daily or weekly updates.

• I’ll also include you in my next newsletter… they tend to be sent out weekly but with no definitive day or time so that I can act in the moment, sending out something jolly interesting!

• If you’d like to connect on LinkedIn then please invite me to do so, I’m out of invitation credits!

• And if Twitter’s your bag, say hello @berkshireblog

• You can obviously ignore the blog invitation and if you’d rather not get the newsletter, just let me know and I’ll not include you… thank you.

This way I’d anticipate 30% accepting my blog invitation, by far the best way for us to communicate longer term… folk can add comments when something interests them & I can respond… now that’s social.

80% will be happy with getting the newsletter which will keep them connected, although a little distant and 10%+ will hook up via LinkedIn & similar will choose Twitter.

What are your thoughts on this? How would you make the next approach? Comment below…

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
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