Mark Granger Andrea Arnold

Six degrees of separation

They reckon that we can make a connection to anyone in the world within six connections!

And I guess with LinkedIn this is coming down to 5?

At the weekend a pal of mine, Mark Granger changed his profile pic on Facebook, posting an image of himself back in the 80’s with fellow Children’s ITV presenter Andrea Arnold.

Andrea won an Oscar last week for her short film Wasp about a single mum… and you can see why in the clip below!

So Mark is just 1 degree away from the Hollywood hall of fame… I’d best call him, remind him who he’s connected to for his Hollywood bash 😉

How many degrees are you from someone famous?

Before you tell us by commenting below, let’s see Mark in action…

Mark Granger Andrea Arnold TVARK

Don’t be a Grotbags, click the pic and check out what’s happening on Emu TV 😉

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