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With Business Growth Comes Risk

Come and join us for a short workshop to focus upon operational risks and business continuity in a growth environment.

With it being Business Continuity Awareness week 2014 we thought we’d best host an event…

Date: Friday 21st March 10am – 12pm
Location: Keen Dicey Grover, Bathurst House, 50 Bathurst Walk, Iver, Buckinghamshire. SL0 9BH

My wife and I recently enjoyed a city break in Madrid. From our hotel room we had a clear view across the city, its palaces and churches are interspersed by an array of both low rise and towering buildings. I couldn’t help noticing how many buildings had started out as low rise structures with added rooms in the roof. In some cases, an original two storey building had become up to seven floors high. Each new storey being slightly smaller than the one below, ending with a roof-top structure little bigger than a garden shed. The growth needs of the residents had to be met at the risk of shaky foundations which had likely never been strengthened.

As we strive upwardly to continually grow our businesses, we have little time to think of its foundations. A business needs protection against collapse at every proposed change or growth spurt. Business continuity risk assessment and contingencies response planning is a wise element of any growth strategy and is essential to companies of every size or complexity.

As we move forward from pretty tough financial times, realising momentum and continuity without taking unnecessary risks is paramount to our success. Why not take just a short time out to ensure your business grows with strong foundations?

We only have room for 6 business owners who are looking at the challenges of growth so please complete the form below and I will contact you to discuss relevance to you. Thank you.

With kind regards – Gareth

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