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What are your picture rights in industry publications?

Here is something we might all learn from if those in the know share their wisdom.

Imagine my sister’s surprise when she found a picture from her website in the Matrix Magazine.

matrix magazine opti smooth trend alert

She uses their Opti-smooth products in her hairdressing business, has done for years. The image of the lady top right below is obviously the same as the one here on her website.

matrix opti smooth trend alert

What are the rules of engagement? They have to ask permission right? If not, then the proverbial books need to be balanced in some way… free product would seem fair in my book… what are your thoughts, please comment below…

Thank you.


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6 thoughts on “What are your picture rights in industry publications?

  1. Slap them with a large bill. They obviously knew the source of the pics so “orphan Images” does not apply.


  2. If they have used images without permission, simply send them an invoice with threat of legal action. I’d base the size of the invoice on the magazine circulation figures. A large circulation means the picture is worth more to them and they’d be prepared to pay more. Go in high but be prepared to negotiate. Maybe start at around £1000 but be prepared to come down if they squeal. Low circulation magazines don’t have much money. There are no rules on picture values. You just have to gauge what it’s worth to you.


  3. As much as I agree with slapping them with a large invoice and threaten with legal action, I’d advise contacting them and asking for a full page feature in return and work together to find an interesting angle that would benefit the readers and give the company some free and relevant advertising.


  4. Kate’s been using Matrix products for 9 years, she’s a BIG fan… so you’re right Deren, let’s make her a BIGGER fan… a big box of product & a feature on 9 years experience in the next issue would make her very happy and we all want happy sisters, especially since 17th March is her birthday…

    What do you say Matrix? 😉


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