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A little help from my friends…

Morning ladies & gents, I’d like to ask for a little help from you please…

Our Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group now stands at 2373 members and I’d like it to be at 2407 or more by the end of play on 29th March… my birthday…

None of you have asked what I’d like for my birthday and I totally understand you have others way more important in your lives but hey, when you get a minute, ping out a little note to your pals in Berkshire saying something like…

“Eh chaps, there’s a great little LinkedIn Group that has a load of people in Berkshire in it, 2373 as of 8am on 13th March, come and join us… google and it will divert you there… obviously there are those that talk more than others in the discussion forum but that’s not the main reason to join the group… the main reason is you will be more closely connected to 2373 people and their connections… so next time you’re searching for a solution to a problem, you can pop on LinkedIn and you’ll have more chance of finding someone local to fix it for you… hurrah!”

Type in and it will divert to the group… alternatively, go search for it on LinkedIn or click here

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
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