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This morning I have been making more connections in the worlds of recruitment & education…

I’m looking for those involved with helping others create CV’s that recruiters & HR departments will read for more than the current standard of 7 seconds!

I have got commitment from nearly 40 people to review my clients CV Creation Tool when it’s ready, we’re a few week’s away from alpha launch and it would be great to have the magic 50 saying, “Show me what you’ve got Jon and I’ll feedback my thoughts on the subject…”

If you know anyone who is in recruitment, education, industry and has an interest in making CVs better, please share a link to this page so they can review and connect as relevant… thank you.

Creating FREE custom CVs that can be shared easily via social channels

My client is developing a platform that enables students, or anyone looking for employment, to create a completely custom CV from their PC, tablet or smartphone – and it has an integrated powerful feature that no one has seen in this industry!

We’re still in the creation phase and looking for a few universities, colleges, schools and recruiters to be part of our initial trials and subsequent launch & marketing in the summer of 2014.

We recognise that company and graduate recruiters are looking for potential employees to stand out from the crowd & so a bespoke CV is needed, rather than clunky computer generated CV of old, which just isn’t going to cut the mustard.

Our creation process is kept simple to allow anyone to produce a bespoke CV, ideally with the help of a careers advisor and once all those involved are happy, turn it into a format that can be shared easily with potential employers…

This is the next generation in CV creation…

Do you have 5 minutes to discuss how you & your organisation might get involved?

Either contact me or complete the form below, thank you.

Thank you.


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