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The perfect email template invitation

Following on from my appeal this morning’s BinB LinkedIn Group invitation…

It makes sense for me to create an email template around the value of LinkedIn and push it out to the 6,000 on my email list and ask them to forward it on…

In the past this was an embarrassing exercise because I didn’t know how the email template I had created would look when it landed at the other end… I knew it would look great on delivery to an in box but didn’t know, if forwarded, what the damage would be done by the various email delivery platforms!

I’d get email replies back to me that had totally corrupted the email template… blinking annoying…

Luckily for me, a few weeks ago, I bumped into some chaps from E-goi who have spent many hours developing how their templates come together in their system… I don’t mean 2 or 3 hours, I mean thousands of hours spent tweaking for different platforms!

It will never be perfect because nothing in life ever is, but it’s certainly the best system I have every used and I’ve used a few in my time!

I’ll be pinging out an email later this week saying come on over to the BinB Group… if you don’t already get my newsletters then sign up here… when it lands, forward to a friend & ask them in turn to send it back to you so you can see for yourself how clean it is…

If you are a seasoned email person then you will appreciate this… so the next step would be to ask me for a free trial… complete the form below and away we go 😉

(Forms don’t work in the blog emails… just on the blog itself… thank you.)

Thank you.


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