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Selling exhibition space using social media

Here’s an idea for you, you & you in the corner…

Yesterday I finally got round to being able to put some energy into selling our New Business EXPO at Reading’s Madejski Stadium on 4th April.

It’s part of the bigger Thames Valley Franchise EXPO and is utilising the Windsor Suite, where the bar is… there is room for 20+ stands but I want to slow things down & bring in our slow business networking as well, so 14 seems like a good number, 10 table tops & 4 large pop ups should be enough.

royal berkshire conference centre windsor

I had pinged out a couple of emails & blogs via my world and through this 7 people had booked… but then, one of the accountants realised she was on holiday and so couldn’t join in… made me smile, the irony 😉

Anyway, that made me think… 8 spots left, all the others are taken by different industries… a VA, accountant, videographer, social media, IT solutions & export companies… so how about we only let one of each type of business join us, that would help sell it quicker wouldn’t it?

(Ed: Twitter embedded code doesn’t work when posted out as a blog but does on the web page…)

So I made of list of company types that would be relevant and started with lawyers (as I’d quite like to have one as a Berkshire Blog member as well)…

Reality is, those that are closed to the venue are going to have more opportunities as those who visit the expo are likely to be living in or near Reading… just logical…

So Google “Berkshire Lawyers” and drill into a map of Reading…

I then proceeded to click through to their website and phone reception, asking who I should talk to about the EXPO.

I then emailed the contact they gave me with a short message…

Sugject: The Thames Valley Franchise & New Business Exhibition

Would you like to take part in this event “name”?

I’m looking to get just one legal firm on board.

4th April 2014 at Madejski Stadium

Only £199 + VAT


And tweeted their Twitter account, if they had one, with similar…

If their twitter account gives me something to feed off then you can use that in your tweet…

@ThomasMansfield are currently the only one to have followed me back… showing they are awake to Twitter… or have auto follow set up!

Having around 10 to contact should land me 1 at these crazy prices…

Obviously I was selective and didn’t invite those lawyers that left a bad taste in my mouth to join in… one has to have standards… like I wouldn’t invite gamblers or drug dealers to the party!

You interest in joining us… best be quick… I’ll have this sold out by the end of next week, latest…

Thank you.


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The Berkshire Blog
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