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How well do you know and grow your business?

Don’t wait for disaster strike before you find out for certain. Many companies are built on what appears to be strong foundations, although are actually at risk of collapse should anything untoward occur.

We propose a short workshop where you can assess typical operational risks and plan business continuity measures. With over twenty years of experience, helping large and small organisations in UK and overseas, I have encountered extremes of poor planning and the best around. I would like to share excellent business continuity management techniques and help you protect your business as it grows out of commercially difficult times.

Within two hours we will examine incident management, crisis control and business incidents response planning. You will have a chance to confidentially outline draft your business continuity plan and protect your business against financially damaging disruption.

Customers are easily hurt and unforgiving when companies fail to deliver. It can take many years to have them return. Similarly, a loss of reputation affects other stakeholders’ confidence and stifles your opportunity for investment. Insurers tend to look favourably upon an organisation, having a well-designed and annually rehearsed continuity plan.

Why not join us for a couple of hours and benefit from an opportunity to examine your daily operations from a very different angle? This offer is open to a very small group of representatives from maybe just six companies. Be sure that you are one of them and receive valuable advice for FREE!

With kind regards – Gareth

PPPIG FlowerGareth Crompton, MBCI
Abide Consulting Limited
Mobile. +44 (0)7507 560214
Office. +44 (0)1256 761556
Website: www.abideconsulting.co.uk

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