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Have you heard about the Test Marketing ‘that you can win with’ in Reading?

So what are your thoughts on exhibitions? Have you tried the potential for business at one? What about content marketing? Do you scribble a blog? Email marketing? Or do you just let all your leads land in your lap magically from the ether?

I’ve just been having a natter with Will Corry who runs a website called TheMarketingblog…

He gets over 34,000 visitors a month reading his stories… decision makers and influencers – your prospects are always checking it for new ideas, concepts etc…

He’s always up to try something new… this time round it is a test marketing exercise. You can benefit from the idea…

It works like this… get your success story loaded into both the Berkshire blog and theMarketingblog at no charge when you sign up for the Reading EXPO on 4th April 2014 at Madejski Stadium.

At only £199 it really is a no brainer. Don’t forget you get that all important extra article exposure for your company – free.

For our lucky 14, need to change that, let’s make it 13… for our Lucky 13 companies that join us for the Reading EXPO on 4th April 2014 at Madejski Stadium…

Please complete the form below and I’ll give you a call:

Thank you.


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