map of kiev ukraine initial troubles

What’s happening in the Ukraine?

YouTube is an excellent service for finding out what is happening in the Ukraine…

When you listen to the rhetoric coming from the USA you have to ask, do these guys want World War 3 to kick off any minute? Rather than simply digest what is pushed on on the mainstream media, we now have the chance to listen in to different sources to establish what we think might be happening…

Being a parent I get very nervous about the future and believe the only way we can do anything about any of this is to vote for the independent candidates at any elections, minimising the power base of the dark side and opening up the doors of change by people who care about people more than they do profit.

David Icke, away with the fairies… or does he have some very good points?
(First 30 mins deals with something else…)

What would Tony Benn have thought of all this?

Make your own mind up and do your own digging around… share links below.

Thank you.

Jon Davey

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