Gibson Mill at Hardcastle Crags

Can you host a Factory tour in Berkshire?

I am a lucky Marketing Manager, I have worked all over Europe have been fortunate enough to have worked for a number of manufacturers in the Thames Valley.

I love the manufacturing environment, it’s great to see a raw material arrive through one door and see widgets go out the other and it’s a pleasure to hold in your hand a product that you briefed, designed and developed that has been made at the factory downstairs.

Manufacturing has allowed me to see: 6 sigma, Lean Manufacturing, fast prototyping and JIT manufacturing in action and to understand what effects my marketing decisions have on the people who have to make my products.

Many colleagues, especially in Berkshire, have been denied this understanding and this is especially true of some of my younger colleagues, who are possibly 2 generations away from the UK’s manufacturing heritage. This lack of experience hobbles them when trying to understand the processes of some of our customers and also damages the UK as they do not understand the importance of the sector to the UK and eventually to their own prosperity.

I would like to help their development and enthuse them with manufacturing, by arranging a factory tour for them. I put a request on the Berkshire Business Linkedin Group and Jon was happy to post this form me on his blog.

If you have a manufacturing plant in Berkshire can you help? You will have a golden chance to show off your factory and to enthuse a new generation of marketeers with the excitements that can only be found in making things?

Thank you.

Richard McKenzie
07739 801929

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