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90% OFF London Prices

I was doing some research into the big EXPOs up in London yesterday…

Client of mind got tucked up on the TFM&A, paid through the noise and so I said I’d help on others they are interested in.

Seems the EXPO organisers have realised the error of their discounting ways and now tend not to discount the stands but you can negotiate added value, like banner ads, emails to data bases, speaking slots, etc…

TFMA2014 full house

Marketing Week are culling the number of presentations to give the EXPO more focus… and then charging a bundle to speak… and they are over subscribed!

Now I totally get that those aiming to get recognition by the big brands would want to be a Marketing Week Live, as anyone who is anyone in the marketing world will be hanging out there… but if your market place is SME businesses, the best place you can exhibit is locally…

royal berkshire conference centre windsor

As luck would have it, on 4th April 2014, a week on Friday, I’ll be hosting the New Business aspect of The Thames Valley Franchise & New Business Exhibition at Madejski Stadium.

There are a few stands remaining… just a few mind… best get yours ordered so you can talk to 4-500 people looking to change their world… £199+VAT for table top, £299+VAT if you want to bring your 3m Pop Up… complete the form and I’ll call you back…

The event will attract those considering a franchise purchase & others looking for ideas PLUS small business owners looking to do a spot of networking on a sunny Friday afternoon 😉


So, two things, I can say 90% OFF because we’re charging just £199 or £299 for a stand… London will cost you £2-4000 for a 3×2 plus £2k if you love the sound of your own voice… save a bundle and talk to local business people who are more likely to do business with a small business owner like you.

Also, we’re looking for a couple of speakers for our event… 12PM blog shout out on that one…

Thank you.


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