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Could you do with an Extra Pair of Hands?

When I last met Paul Forrest, he was struggling to see the wood for the trees 😉

Wondering how he could get some great business exposure for a few hundred quid… I helped him see the light and suggested he joined us for our EXPO at The Madejski Stadium on 4th April 2014… or a week tomorrow, clear your diary and get your butt along, it’ll be fun.

So what can Paul do for you with his Extra Pair of Hands… quite a bit as it happens and prices start at just £20 an hour… please read on, I lifted it straight from his website… what he can do & testimonials from clients… enjoy…

workstress  you need an extra pair of hands

Telephone answering and secretarial services because every business needs an Extra Pair of Hands

What we do
• We take your calls while you or your staff are busy
• Your calls are answered using your company name – your caller will not realise they are speaking to a third-party
• The caller’s contact details are recorded on our database for your future reference
• We can transfer callers to any landline or mobile number
• You’ll receive your messages instantly by email or SMS
• It takes us just 15 minutes to start answering your calls
• You aren’t charged for telemarketing calls and wrong numbers
• We can provide you with 0800, 0845 and local area STD numbers
• We can also assist with online orders, organise appointments and handle bookings

Why you’ll benefit
• Most people won’t leave a message on an answering machine – a friendly human voice will prevent callers from going elsewhere
• Don’t let a ringing phone interrupt you from running your business – divert your calls to us and we can take messages
• If you don’t get many calls, it is more cost-effective to outsource your telephone answering than to hire a full-time receptionist


• Business address
Use our Reading postal address to give your company a professional image. Junk mail can be discarded, and the remaining post forwarded on to your home address.

• Mailshots
Targeted mailshots can be an effective means of promoting products and services with your regular clientbase. Simply provide us with a sample letter and a list of names and addresses, and we’ll handle the printing, envelope stuffing and postage.


• Book-keeping
We can computerise your purchases based on your receipts and supplier invoices as well as provide professional invoices and quotes to send to your clients. We can email accounts to your accountant who will then produce end of year tax returns.

• Payroll
We can supply payslips on a weekly, monthly or four weekly basis by fax, email or post. When processing year-end forms we can also file online for you – for which you receive a subsidy of £75 in the current tax year.


• Specialist documents
We can produce high quality invoices, quotations and proposals, typeset technical reports and books (including mathematical formulae, charts and diagrams), and legal documents and contracts.

• Audio transcription
We transcribe MP3s and all types of tape cassettes. You can also record a message on our 24/7 dictation line and we’ll email you the transcription.

• Data entry
Send us hand-written notes by fax or post and we will email back a Word document.

Testimonials written with their spare hand!

“Your team are doing an excellent job.”
Martin Haley, GP Update

“Speedy, efficient, pleasant, friendly and most of all a pleasure to deal with.”
Francesca Veale, Bartley Investments

“My customer service has improved significantly which is important in a highly competitive industry.”
Richard Lamers, Lionheart International

“The service that you are all providing is exactly what I needed – allowing me to expand but without incurring huge overheads. Everyone that has mentioned your team has said that the calls were all answered brilliantly.”
Nichola Goringe, Goringe & Co

“Having a ‘virtual secretary’ has really helped my business.”
Tony Derrett, ARD Chartered Architects

“I would like to thank you and your team for the professional service that you have given our company.”
Dilys Jones, Dilys Jones Associates

“Absolutely brilliant service.”
Del Malam, Mobility One

“Until I used EPH I did not realise the number of lost opportunities for business I was losing by relying on my answerphone and not allowing potential customers to talk to a person. My customers have stated how pleased they are with EPH’s efficiency.”
Philip Wickes, Atlantic Bridge

“Since using EPH to answer all our incoming sales calls our business has seen a dramatic increase in turnover. With the personal service of EPH we never miss a sales lead, and with their helpful staff advising clients about our service we find that it takes pressure of us and allows us to concentrate on fulfilling orders.”
Eddie Manning, London Wheelchair Rental

“I am delighted that I found you. Your customer service is first-class and I can get on with my job, knowing that my enquiries are being handled by a great team.”
Sales leads management company

Would you like to know more?

You’d best connect with Paul and tell him how you could best use an Extra Pair of Hands…

Paul ForrestPaul Forrest
Telephone: 0118 952 6900
Fax: 0118 950 9262
20-22 Richfield Avenue, Reading. RG1 8EQ

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