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There’s a brand new network in town

There’s a brand new network in town that is slowing things down so we can all get with the rhythm 😉

fsb networkingWhen I first started business networking 15 year’s ago, the networking tended to be run & hosted by the well known business organisations. The FSB, The Chamber & IOD were kings of the castle… BNI was just sprouting its UK wings and the hot online space was Ecademy… there were a few others but no-one was joining the dots…

I found myself as Chair of East Berkshire FSB within 6 months of joining the organisation and began communicating with our local members using email… “you can’t do that” said some older members but since I was Chair, I just cracked on, awaiting intervention from H.O…

fsb seminar 1Where the old committee had run 4 events a year, posting out letters quarterly & the same faces turned up! The world changed and we organised 26 events that first year… one every 2 weeks and drove audiences of 5 to 50 to each event…

This became the foundations of my Business in Berkshire Newsletter and thousands signed up, looking to be kept posted on the latest happenings from around the area…

rbwmawardsWe drove the majority of entries the first year of the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead Awards.  Obviously we had to do this in a voluntary capacity, the council couldn’t possibly afford to waste money on a business initiative, it had to think of its pension fund for the old guard.  Did push my buttons their attitude to the whole thing and I made my feelings clear 😉

In around 2003/4 we pushed out emails for a Business Link project under the banner of SME Training… it was recognised as the best project / investment for the LSC that year and we got a small mention in dispatches.

fsb workshopWe drove hundreds to the first lot of workshops and then telemarketing took over and got the very same people to sign up for the next round of workshops… team work.  Business Link made a killing on those events and I did actually get to earn a few quid from these via the third party project manager brought in who recognised what we could do for him.

This was followed by a “Smile & Dial” project we ran with the Business Link consultants where we got them phoning up small business owners and got them opting in for newsletters about future events… when I start rattling my brains, we put in loads of effort to help others who asked, on the promise of a brighter tomorrow… now it’s time to help ourselves and local business owners who put some energy into our world…

1000 Better Ways Foundation Park networking

After 3 months of hosting the 1000 Better Ways networking event, I’ve decided to rename it the more logical and catchy Slow Business Networking event & look for local business networkers who can host regular, monthly events in their town.  They will not earn from these smaller events, just become more famous…

But the bigger events will allow our people to earn some financial reward… we are launching our Slow Business Networking Theme Days to bring local business owners & those who work for larger local companies together… take a look at this and connect up if you’d like to be involved.

If you’d like to know more and would rather talk about it face to face, come and see me on Friday at The Madejski Stadium, try some Slow Business Networking and meet a bunch of local business people.

Thank you.


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