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Blending old fashioned sales with new fangled social media

Are you a traditional sales person who enjoys the face to face engagement and hasn’t really got your head around the social media aspect of business in 2014? In fact, truth is, it makes your head spin!

Well the reality is, it seems to me, folk are missing the sales calls, they appreciate it when you smile & dial in and say hello… social can simply help you get a bit smarter about who you do actually call…

big ben and parliament

If your business is chasing multi-million pound contracts on some technology suite then you’re probably best off working for one of the big brands so that the board sign it off more easily. Big companies like dealing with BIGGER companies so they feel safe and can tick the necessary governance boxes, which has merit… you probably wouldn’t be allowed to engage in social in this world, management would be scared you might say something off message!


But if your business is selling something for a few thousand to business owners in the SME space then, even if you don’t end up using social media that much, knowing what it can do for you is important… you know it is.

I can help you understand the value of social to your world through a process of discussion, education, application, task setting & arse kicking. I’m a practical, at the coal face sort of chap, not very good talking theory, preferring to get my hands dirty so I can help you understand your world that much better…

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If you’d rather work with a man of action than sit in a class room and immediately forget what you’ve been told before the day is through then give me a nudge… we can work out a way of working that makes sense and get you all tuned in to the modern world!

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
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