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Come and be Social @ The Madejski Stadium on Friday

Social media is all of a buzz on the streets, especially in Urban areas!

The Thames Valley Franchise & New Business Exhibition on 4th April 2014 at Madejski Stadium.

We’ll be hosting Slow Business Networking on the hour, every hour… come and join 4-500 business people and 50+ exhibitors for a day’s networking and business talk.

Let’s here from one of our exhibitors…

Steve Jewell is a diamond geezer, booking Urban Media in to the party…

urban media 650

“Urban Media help small to medium sized businesses to grow their sales through effective internet marketing. By helping you with web design, search engine marketing and social media, we can attract more visitors that turn into more clients for you. We know from our 17 years of experience that a strong internet presence is of growing vital importance to any business of any size. So whether you want a website, marketing services, or simply some friendly advice (that’s the free bit!) we would love to talk to you at the Reading New Business EXPO 2014 (or at any other time for that matter!)”
Steve Jewell
Urban Media

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Is your target market small business owners? Then you should be exhibiting at the Reading EXPO… let’s talk soon…

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
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2 thoughts on “Come and be Social @ The Madejski Stadium on Friday

  1. Jon! Hello and thank you. Lets see you link me in, please. I am somewhat recovered and wish to be in circulation in tomorrows world, today. Naomi R.Tickle featured in one of your recent contacts to me via Linked In and/or Berkshire Blog. Join with me soon in looking at and with Naomi in “The Face Reader”. You will find her work exceptional and a new wonderful chapter in the ancient arts joined to the new technology by her diligence and value given. The work will become as recognised as is Pychometrics today .It is non intrusive and transparent to all, all the time since it began. Check it out


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