On this day in history 3rd April

Born on this Day 3rd April
1893 Leslie Howard
1924 Doris Day
1924 Marlon Brando
1925 Tony Benn
1937 William Gaunt
1943 Jonathan Lynn
1946 John Virgo
1958 Alec Baldwin
1959 David Hyde Pierce
1961 Eddie Murphy

Died on this Day
1882 Jesse James
1897 Johannes Brahms
1999 Lionel Bart

1956 Elvis Presley made his first appearance on the ‘Milton Berle TV Show’ singing ‘Heartbreak Hotel’.

1971 Jonathan King using the pseudonym Sakkarin, entered the UK singles chart with a cover of the Archies single ‘Sugar Sugar’.

1973 The Beatles’ compilation album ‘The Beatles 1962-1966’ and ‘The Beatles 1967-1970’ were released in the UK.

1979 Kate Bush presented her first live show at the Liverpool Empire.

1984 Producer Jack Douglas won his court battle with Yoko Ono over royalties on John Lennon’s ‘Double Fantasy’ album, and netted himself over $3 million.

1989 Pepsi dropped Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ TV ad after it received bad press.

1933 Four Britons completed the first flight over Mount Everest.

1954 The Oxford team won the 100th University Boat Race.

1957 Tom Finney of Preston North End was voted English Footballer of the Year.

1975 23 year old Anatoly Karpov became world chess champion when his opponent Bobby Fischer failed to show up for their match in Manila.

1983 18 year old motorcyclist Alan Carter won the 250cc French Grand Prix at Le Mans to become the youngest winner ever.

1984 Peter Davies from Blackpool, broke the world distance record for flying a microlight aircraft when he flew 340 miles from an airfield in Suffolk to Land’s End.

People & Showbiz
1995 Scottish judges stopped BBC’s ‘Panorama’ interview with the Prime Minister being broadcast north of the border because it came only 3 days before elections to Scotland’s new unitary authorities.

1995 BBC were to drop ‘The Late Show’ from the end of the year, but ‘Late Review’ was to continue on Thursdays.

General Events
1984 Welsh hill farmers demonstrated at a London auction over the sale of Black Mountain in the Brecon Beacons once owned by Lord Cawdor. The farmers and their ancestors had grazed sheep in the area for centuries.

1988 Soviet newspaper Pravda ridiculed Leonid Brezhnev, who ruled the Soviet Union for 14 years, for awarding himself a number of military honours and medals for valour in the Second World War, when he had allegedly not been involved in fighting.

1989 23 year old Robert Totham from South Norwood, London, was jailed for 5 years after attacking David Barnett with a fireman’s axe.

1993 Railway workers and miners took part in a Europe-wide day of strike action against job cuts and pit closures.

1993 Avon and Somerset police questioned six children after they were found with a manual describing how to make a bomb using household products.

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