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Health Revolution : you’re not suppose to cure them!

Do they really treat people like that? Dr Daniels story is very interesting…

Not just her amazing cure but also how she was treated by the establishment, forcing her to close her business and start a new life…

Clive de Carle speaks with medical doctor Dr Jennifer Daniels about ‘The Lethal Dose’, how pure turrpentine is a miraculous healing substance and how to use it, vitality capsules, recover from incurable diseases and much more.

Pablo Picasso — ‘The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.’

Clive runs a website called Ancient Purity.

We’ve been asked to find them more channels to market…

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3 thoughts on “Health Revolution : you’re not suppose to cure them!

  1. I listened with interest to Dr Daniels story… but am disappointed with the interviewer, Clive de Carle, who supposedly is assisting Dr Daniels to ‘sell’ her expert knowledge in complementary and alternative health… His lack of professional expertise, turned what could have been an informative interview … into a misinformed, irresponsible journalistic sales pitch. Why would I trust the products at Ancient Purity when no one at that organisation has bothered to check out the difference between the UK laws pertaining to picking wild flowers and those pertaining to picking weeds? It appears to be beyond the interviewer’s level of expert knowledge to ascertain that the dandelion flower is a weed and therefore here in the UK children and adults alike are NOT LIABLE FOR PROSECUTION if they pick them for dandelion salad! Reasoned debate might not happen as often as it should in our democracy, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to differentiate a wild flower from a weed. The interviewer’s apparently well-meaning, strongly held opinion about conservation law in this country, voiced as (misinformed) fact – demonstrates a clear disregard for the value of scientific research and disrespect for the ethical principals of selling, marketing and communicating to the public. Ancient Purity appears to represent a brand which is clearly misinformed concerning the laws of health and conservation in this country. The outcome is that the salesman appears to have (ab)-used the interviewing relationship with his respected expert guest, and used it instead, as a way to promote his own (misinformed) political and personally served agenda. This poor salesmanship does a dis-service to the skills and ethics involved in the practice of natural/ complementary medicine, as well as journalism. The fact that the practice of alternative medicine in this country remains largely unregulated, as does therapy, and the sales and marketing thereof – is no excuse for failures in Ancient Purity’s communication strategy. It clearly fails to demonstrate a duty of care towards the alternative practitioners and the general public alike whom it purports to serve.


    1. I know Clive’s heart is in the right place… and I also know that those of a scientific disposition like things to be accurate… so allow me to apologise on Clive’s behalf for what might be seen as flippant and disrespectful… Clive obviously highly values what Dr Daniels has to say and is also very angry & concerned about the State determination of what flowers we can & cannot pick… if used for the right purpose, surely that is showing due respect & thanks to nature?


      1. Hi, Please realise that my post about Clive’s interview, is nothing about him as a person. Clive clearly has the guts to put himself out there … I’m probably over cautious… As an interviewer Clive comes across as a very nice, well-meaning person… The critique is about the ‘performance’ – not the person. It’s to do with the personal and leadership challenges involved in the sales and marketing of businesses such as ‘Ancient Purity’ in a competitive and largely unregulated market sector. Its to do with how those challenges relate to any and every business-owner’s management of passion. Leading research shows that the key to sustainability in business involves three factors: Reputation, Innovation and Social Communications Network… Jonathan, of course its clear that Clive, in his role as ‘interviewer’ comes across as a person who highly values what Dr Daniels has to say… However, the skills involved in being an effective interviewer, involve holding back on one’s personal frustrations and focusing on what the interviewee has to say. Expressing personal frustrations, such as with the British legal system, detract from the effectiveness of the interview as a sales and marketing tool; not checking out our facts first, before we air them as opinions, adds nothing to the reputation of our business. Context is important – due diligence needs to be paid to the location of the business within the sector – in this case – Alternative and Complemenraty Health & Well-Being. The fact that an interviewer is understandably passionate in their beliefs about the State Determination of what flowers we can and cannot pick, is all the more reason why a skilled, experienced and professionally trained interviewer, would have learned through good practice, to resist perfectly natural urges to voice frustration. They would concentrate instead on the facts, not the fictions of the legalities involved. Our emotions cloud our better judgement. To show due respect and thanks to nature means to accept that human nature is vulnerable and that human feeling can often overwhelm our thinking skills… this can adversely affect the impression we give to others of our business. Often when we’re passionate about something, our passion can take us over and we do ourselves and our businesses a disservice if we don’t know our own, very human weakspots and take care in the public space, to keep the passionate sides of our selves more safely reigned, especially when using the new technologies to promote our young, growing businesses. I hope this helps clarify where I’m coming from. Thanks Clive for the valuable learning.x


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