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Let me introduce you…

Connecting people to each other is another thing that I enjoy doing…

It’s all part of doing business… you need to have a face to face & understand how you can help each other…

While I am rubbish with names, they always fall out of my head, I am very good at connecting people as one says something & immediately another pops into my head… all I then need to do is get them talking to each other so they can establish if they want to help each other on life’s journey 😉

Thing is, I can only help if I know something about folk… so tell me a little something about you!

Comment below…

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
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4 thoughts on “Let me introduce you…

  1. A bit like Socrates, Newton and Einstein – I’m a bloke. Apart from that as you know I run my own print management company. I started my career as a typographic designer and have a passion for marketing too. Loving all things psychology I wrote a book a couple of years ago titled “How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time” – I hope you’ve read more than just your birthday page. 🙂


    1. Not read my birthday but did enjoy the intro… will digest more when I’ve finished I Ching… takes me ages to read a book… especially now I can watch the iPad in the bath! What I know about you is that you have great positive energy which attracts people in… and with you working up the Slow Business Networking Bracknell crowd, it’ll be fun 😉


  2. I’m Karen Kimberley and I’m looking for small businesses which want help to grow and access government funding for coaching and training. Growth Accelerator is a programme that gives you funding for a small investment and over 10000 businesses in the UK have signed up and are being coached by approx 1000 coaches. I help business people improve communication, confidence and capability but there are many other coaches that specialise in strategy, marketing, access to finance, innovation and sales. if you want to know more contact me on 07785 566468 or


    1. Hi Karen, I think we’ve only chatted the once and you were confident & gently spoken… so those folk who prefer to be guided gently will appreciate your style… you might want to consider sponsoring our themed day being as we’ll be attracting Sales & Marketing Directors from companies who may be looking to skill up in other areas as they decide to skipper their own vessels…


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