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Lies, damned lies, and statistics

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Listening to the Euro debate last Wednesday night and the one the week before, it never ceases to amaze me how statistics are called on to bolster a flagging argument…

One of mine favourites is, “84% of statistics are made up in the moment!” Always get a laugh but this political stuff is serious…

So when I saw this post on Twitter it made me think of the title of this blog… lies, damned lies, and statistics!

(Ed: above will look like a dogs dinner in the blog email, much better on the blog page…)

Clegg was so obviously trounced by Farage who knew exactly which way to turn & re-position on most every point, where as Clegg, held up as a brilliant speaker, looked like an amateur in his mist… back to the drawing board…

They couldn’t

Nigel finished with some smooth punches…

Vote for Independent Candidates

I believe, the only way out of the mire that we find ourselves in is to vote for independent candidates when you get an opportunity. The only way we are going to have an honest government is when the people are ruling the house and not corporate interests… this can only happen if people get of their arses and vote for independent candidates…

If they just watch from the sidelines then nothing will change and the corporate squeeze will get ever tighter until people simply explode… just look around at other nations and what is happening in the world…

Thank you.


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2 thoughts on “Lies, damned lies, and statistics

  1. I wouldn’t say just like you do but I agree with you . I and my generation have slept through the economic enslavement of nations ,just as also are the succeeeding ones . A bit like frogs boiling in a pan from birth, by the time “we” realise things are not “right” or “fair “, we are too comfortable to get on with doing anything to make it more right or fair for succeeding generations . We are as said by Charles Eisenstein and others , differently, divided by fear of scarcity for us, me, mine, and blinded into in activity by them, others, “ism’s”. cosseted by enough and more for us, now, without room to sacrifice for tomorrow at least that which we had to start with , now less to pass on. as chains of economics bind us ever tighter . Thank you Jon for prompting mer to say as I feel , for once, for the first time in too long .I must polish my thoughts , so as to present them better .


  2. Hi Jonathon, Hi All … Love the headline grabber about the statistics… I’d like to start one of my own on the Berkshire Blog – in parallel with this one, as an experiment to see what happens! … and as a bit of a counterpoint… to the idea that statistics always lie! I’m a bit of a geek with statistics – but have a lot to learn about the technology of blogging…. Its like learning a new language for me… I feel like an absolute primary school novice when it comes to this ‘blog talk’ stuff! But I’ve no idea how to get started – namely how to start a conversation on the Berkshire Blog (or any blog!). So what should I do next please and how do I do it? The first words would be ‘ There are Lies and there are Truths …’
    Please help – it will be much appreciated … Thanksx


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