On this day in history 12th April

Born on this Day 12th April
1851 Edward Walter Maunder
1908 Ida Crowe Pollock
1916 Brian Connell
1939 Alan Ayckbourn
1941 Bobby Moore
1947 David Letterman
1947 Tom Clancy
1948 Jeremy Beadle
1950 David Cassidy
1956 Andy Garcia
1958 Will Sergeant
1965 Sean Welch
1967 Sarah Cracknell
1979 Claire Danes
1979 Paul Nicholls

Died on this Day
1945 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
1981 Joe Louis Barrow
1989 Sugar Ray Robinson

1960 Billy Fury recorded his first album, ‘The Sound Of Fury’.

1963 The Beatles released ‘From Me To You’ in the UK.

1973 The film ‘That’ll Be The Day’ starring David Essex, Ringo Starr and Billy Fury, premierd in London.

1986 George Michael’s ‘A Different Corner’ jumped from No.77 to No 1 on the 12” singles chart.

1992 The London Marathon saw the closest finish in its 12 year history, with the first 4 runners, led by Antonio Pinto of Portugal, separated by only 8 seconds.

1992 Manchester United beat Nottingham Forest by a goal to nil in the final of the Rumbelows Cup.

People & Showbiz
1993 Krankies star Janet Gough announced she was being stalked by a girl midget who had threatened to kill her.

1999 BBC2 screened the 600th edition of ‘Ready Steady Cook’, with the original chefs Brian Turner and Anthony Worral-Thompson returning and Fern Britton hosting her 600th show.

General Events
The Union Jack was named Britain’s official flag during the reign of James I.

1961 Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space

1988 The National People’s Congress of China voted in favour of allowing capitalistic free-enterprise.

1992 Disneyland Paris opened in Marne-La-Vallee, France.

1997 A plot to kill the Pope was uncovered and foiled in Sarajevo just hours before he arrived on a historic visit intended to aid the peace process.

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