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What does the 4th July 2014 mean to you?

Last night I was looking to create a new Twitter handle for my new “Generating Business Online” conference but what to use?

Abbreviations don’t really work for me, it needs to be a full word or two that resonate well and clearly define the event… I was struggling…

It’s also very apparent that if your Twitter account has more followers than you are following, it looks like you are jolly interesting and so people are more likely to follow than if the stats are the other way round… logical, when you’re young, you tend to go to pubs that are busy, rather than those that are empty…

My current @Berkshireblog account, which I started from scratch, has 430 followers and I am following 1252 based on the various campaigns I have been working on this year… a key one being working with Maps4News and looking to talk to those in media which meant I followed many journalists, most of which don’t follow back… then I pitched up to a couple of exhibitions… maybe time to cull those I am following and bring it back to Berkshire… will take a few hours… focus it around those who engage with the Berkshire Blog.

While working through titles for the specific “Generating Business Online” conference Twitter account, I suddenly thought, hang on, I’d started The Berkshire Blog on the 4th July 2013 so I wouldn’t forget the date… many of the larger companies in the UK who will be keen to connect to our audience, are US based, for which 4th July has great significance so I wondered… and checked… 4th July had gone but what about the actual date @4thjuly2014 ?

I’m looking to get engagement with sponsors rapidly, so if the Twitter account has a good following before we start, a few days focused tweeting around the event should be enough to speed it on its way…

I therefore decided to change the name of my old @binbnews account to @4thjuly2014, giving us 1819 followers before the party gets started… it attracts new followers every week while it’s been dormant… so with some activity, with a strong foundation, it shouldn’t be too long before we go over 2000 followers… let’s give it a spin…

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
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