South East Regional Youth Speaks Final

Help with writing CVs

This morning I am looking for those people with an interest in Curriculum Vitae.

One of my clients is developing a CV creation tool, one that uses the latest, intelligent technologies to assist in bringing together a bespoke CV which the candidate will be proud to share with potential employees.

Over the last few months, talking to those involved in the recruitment process, has connected me to some very interesting people. People who are passionate about CVs, about ensuring they make the most of the candidates ability to shine for a potential employer.

This may well mean having multiple CVs, if someone is aiming at two or more different market places who will review their CV in completely different ways… for instance, academic or industry… some folk will have the skills & an interest in both but the educational & corporate management will review in their own unique ways.

Having a system which helps you stay on track, whatever that track might be, has got to be an asset for ambitious students or those a few year’s out of college (like me 😉 )

If you are passionate about CVs and are willing to be part of our team of volunteer professional guides, willing to offer your opinion on what our design & technical team come up with, we would greatly appreciate it and obviously, once the finished product is ready for the market place, we’ll be happy to recognise your involvement in the appropriate way…

Thank you.


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