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Playing by the copyright rules

When my sister told me she’d seen one of her web pictures in an industrial publication I said leave it with me…

When you’re negotiating with small business owners, they make the decisions and do so quickly to get it off their list… corporate organisations take a little longer!

matrix magazine opti smooth trend alert

MATRIX produce Opti-smooth, a product for straightening your hair… obviously everyone who was born with curly hair wants straight hair & all those born with straight hair, want curly hair… when really, all they need is to love themselves a little more 😉

MATRIX had seen a back head shot on the web, googling opti-smooth and multiple images from my sister’s website are clearly visible… her site has been flying high for years thanks to yours truly…


One of their people had simply lifted the image and not asked permission… so I wrote a blog asking for help in understanding what we could realistically expect in compensation and then made multiple contact via the USA website, UK website, phoned their PR people & generally made sure they knew our story was out there and how can we balance the books?

On Friday I eventually spoke to someone who could do something, a month after I started banging the drum… the reason they had not made contact sooner was that their response had to be worked out prior to making contact… I knew this in my head and so simply nudged them each week for an answer, knowing that it gets more “serious” the longer they leave it.

They agreed to free product and to feature Cathy in a future issue of MATRIX Magazine… plus a bonus hamper of a range of their other products… everyone is happy… Cathy’s immediate response to me was…

Oooooooh!! Yes she said she’d be sending products, goodies and… Doing an article on optismooth where I answer questions and a bit about how long I’ve been hairdressing etc!!! X fame

My sister has been a hair dresser forever, she started as a Saturday girl in a salon in Horsforth, Leeds and when our great uncle left us a few quid, I put a deposit on a house & Cathy boat a Vauxhall Nova and became a mobile hairdresser… people like her so open there doors…

We shot this video a couple of years back… I changed the key words and because it’s had 1476 views, immediately she has become hot for “Racoon Hot-bonded System Stylist” the latest addition to her hairdressing portfolio!

I love it when a plan comes off…

Thank you.


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One thought on “Playing by the copyright rules

  1. Hello Jonny……………. really good news … thank you for helping your little sister….. that is what life is all about.. helping your family and friends…. one or two spellings but you can’t be good at everything xxxx lots of love Mum xx


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